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Concessional Licensing

Concessional vehicle licencing is available to the financial members of motoring clubs approved by the Department of Transport: for unmodified vehicles over 25 years of age under the Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage and Invitational (‘Code 404’) Scheme; or for vehicles built prior to 1990 and street rods under the Concession for Classics (‘C4C’) Scheme. 

The Code 404 Information Handbook (downloadable from this website) and the C4C Code of Conduct (downloadable from the Department of Transport website) detail the terms and vehicle use conditions for these Schemes respectively. 

The Council (and its predecessor the Combined Car Clubs of WA) has worked with the Department of Transport over many years to develop, review and revise the Code 404 Handbook and continues to do so on behalf of all approved motoring clubs.  

Resources for approved clubs  

Advisory notes for DoT approved motoring clubs and for club registrars on the administration of Code 404 and C4C licensed vehicles registered with these clubs are provided below.

Measures by CMC _ Member Clubs to Improve Code 404 Compliance.pdf

Notes for Approved Motoring Clubs re C404 C4C Compliance.pdf

A presentation on Code 404 and C4C concessional licensing is below (in both pdf and PowerPoint formats) for downloading and use by clubs for the information of their members.

Concessional Licensing Schemes Presentation Slides.pdf

Concessional Licensing Schemes Presentation.pptx

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